The ECPGR Hemp Database



CRA-Centro di ricerca per le Colture Industriali (CRA-CIN)
Via di Corticella, 133. 40129 Bologna, Italy
Tel: ++(39-051) 6316832; Fax: ++(39-051) 374857

Database manager: Mr Gianpaolo Grassi

The European Hemp Database was established on the initiative of the European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources (ECPGR) at the meeting of the Industrial Crops and Potato Network Coordinating Group in Bologna, Italy, October 2002. It is maintained by CRA-Centro di ricerca per le Colture Industriali (CRA-CIN). This database will contain passport data of cultivated material, breeding material and wild accessions maintained in germplasm collections in European research institutes and genebanks, according to the FAO/IPGRI Multi-Crop Passport Descriptors. CRA-CIN only manages the database and does not coordinate the requests. Requests for material listed in the database should be directed to the collection holder (institute) of the material. For further information about the future development of the Cannabis database, please contact the database manager.   


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