Background documents

Fourteenth (Mid-term) meeting of the ECPGR Steering Committee, 30 May - 2 June 2016, Višegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Please note that hard copies of the background documents will not be provided at the meeting.
We kindly ask you to print and carry the documents you need for the discussions.



Reports on the progress of the Working Groups during first part of Phase IX

Working GroupAuthor (WG Chair)
 Allium (246 KB)Helena Stavělíková
 Avena (87 KB)Andreas Katsiotis
BarleyAhmed Jahoor
 Beta (274 KB)Parthenopi Ralli
 Brassica (385 KB)Ferdinando Branca
 Cucurbits (46 KB)Maria José Diez
 Fibre crops (Flax and Hemp) (147 KB)Martin Pavelek
 Forages (331 KB)Anna Palmé
 Grain Legumes (295 KB)Creola Brezeanu
 Leafy Vegetables (131 KB)Jelka Šuštar Vozlič
 Malus/Pyrus (87 KB)Marc Lateur
 Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (383 KB)Ana Maria Barata
PotatoAnca Baciu
 Prunus (199 KB)Daniela Giovannini
 Solanaceae (45 KB)Willem van Dooijeweert
 Umbellifer Crops (227 KB)Charlotte Allender
 Vitis (295 KB)Thierry Lacombe
 Wheat (100 KB)François Balfourier
 Wild species Conservation in Genetic Reserves  (505 KB)Nigel Maxted
 On-farm Conservation and Management (432 KB)Valeria Negri
 Documentation and Information (52 KB)Theo van Hintum
 EURISCO (386 KB)Stephan Weise