The goal of AEGIS is to create A European Genebank Integrated System for plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, aimed at conserving the genetically unique and important accessions for Europe and making them available for breeding and research. Such material will be safely conserved under conditions that ensure genetic integrity and viability in the long term.

The European Genebank Integrated System will allow all germplasm accessions and their related information registered to AEGIS to be readily available and easily accessible to users.

Ex situ conservation of germplasm will be carried out according to common, agreed minimum standards, independently of where the germplasm is physically located, and will be carried out in such a way that it will facilitate close linkages with in situ conservation, and will facilitate the use of germplasm and related research.

It is intended to develop AEGIS within the existing legal framework of the International Treaty and, where necessary, to extend its scope according to the spirit and intentions of the Treaty. Whenever possible, it is planned to use the Treaty’s mechanisms, procedures and instruments and thereby, contribute to its effective implementation.