Role of Associate Member Institutions

Associate Members are at the "cutting edge" of AEGIS: they are the ones that actually carry the brunt of managing the European Accessions that collectively form the European Collection. Associate Members include genebanks and other institutions holding collections or providing PGRFA conservation-related services such as information, evaluation and characterization services, regeneration and plant health services.

Associate Membership of AEGIS are voluntary. Only institutions located in an AEGIS Member Country are eligible for Associate Membership.  Potential Associate Members are identified by the ECPGR National Coordinators. They can become Associate AEGIS Members by signing an Associate Membership Agreement with the National Coordinator accepting the responsibilities of an Associate Member. These responsibilities are in general terms:

  • Identifying suitable accessions in their institutions to be proposed for registration as European Accessions, and managing those accessions in accordance with agreed quality standards;
  • Carrying out and/or facilitating supporting activities such as regeneration, viability testing and others organized by the respective ECPGR Crop Network/Working Group for the crop/species in question; and
  • Facilitating access to the European Accessions in their institutions and related information in accordance with internationally agreed conditions in line with the Treaty.

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