Safety duplication

With the inclusion of the first accessions into the European Collection, the European Collection of genetically unique and important germplasm accessions is existing and operational as of December 2011. An important aspect of an effective and reliable conservation system is the safety of the European Accessions that are being maintained in a dispersed manner across the European genebanks. Conscious duplication of accessions for their safety in another genebank is an internationally recognized and recommended approach and has been widely practiced. In “A Strategic Framework for the Implementation of a European Genebank Integrated System (AEGIS) – A Policy Guide” (2009), it was foreseen that “A safety-duplicate of each European Accession will be stored at one or more collaborating and agreed European genebank(s) or institution(s) and/or at the Svalbard Seed Vault”. This aspect is reflected accordingly in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that has been concluded with all AEGIS member countries and accordingly, the safety-duplication of European Accessions has been included as a responsibility for the Associate Members of AEGIS.

Proposed models (non-mandatory) for a safety-duplication agreement: