Outcomes of the Third Call

The final Activity Reports, background documents and other information are available on the respective Activity webpages (click on the Acronym)

ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme - Third Call

The Third Call of the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme was launched 8 January 2016 with deadline 15 April 2016. A total of 8 proposals were submitted. The ECPGR Executive Committee (ExCo) selected for funding 7 proposals (see below the Table of successful proposals).

Successful proposals

AcronymWorking Group(s)Activity CoordinatorDate of approvalProposalBudget EuroBudget tableLetters of award
1SMARTLEGGrain LegumesVladimir MeglicMay 2016 PDF (246 KB)€ 15000  PDF  (83 KB)(updated) PDF (80 KB)
2CCLEAFYLeafy VegetablesRob van TreurenMay 2016 PDF (217 KB)€ 15000  PDF (465 KB) PDF (70 KB)
3MAP EUROCOLLECTION*Medicinal and Aromatic PlantsAna Maria BarataMay 2016 PDF* (226 KB)€ 15000  PDF (updated) (59 KB) PDF (67 KB)
4GrapeOnFarmVitisErika MaulMay 2016 PDF (128 KB)€ 15000  PDF (61 KB) PDF (74 KB)
5TRISECAWheatFrançois BalfourierMay 2016 PDF (133 KB)€ 14850 PDF (86 KB) PDF (57 KB)
6EURISCO Training 2017Documentation and InformationStephan Weise, EURISCO CoordinatorMay 2016 PDF (202 KB)€ 14500 PDF (60 KB) PDF (61 KB)
7LINKAGES*On-farm Conservation and Management; Documentation and InformationRiccardo BocciMay 2016 PDF* (222 KB)€ 15000 PDF (91 KB) PDF (67 KB)

* The proposal was approved with a request by the ExCo for some adjustments as indicated in the Letter of Award.