Country quota details

Total quota available during phase IX: 7
Total quota donated by ExCo: 0
Total quota used: 7
Total quota booked: 0
Total remaining quota: 0

SafeAlliDiv second meeting 20183Pritt PõldmaCzech Republic - April 2018
SafeAlliDiv second meeting 20180Külli AnnamaaCzech Republic - April 2018self-funded
ECPGR Networking0Külli AnnamaaSlovenia - October 2017ExCo
SafeAlliDiv first meeting 20170Pritt PõldmaEstonia - July 2017local host
SafeAlliDiv first meeting 20170Külli AnnamaaEstonia - July 2017
Joint workshop of the ForageDataAccess and Barley C&E Data Activities2Külli AnnamaaSweden - March 2017
14th (Mid-term) Steering Committee meeting0Külli AnnamaaBosnia and Herzegovina - May 2016
EURISCO NFP regional training workshop for Southeast Europe0Vahur KukkAlbania - May 2015Self-funded
Prunus Alignment1Hedi KaldmäeGreece -