Country quota details

Total quota available during phase IX: 41
Total quota donated by ExCo: 0
Total quota used: 34
Total quota booked: 5
Total remaining quota: 2

BETANET Workshop3Piergiorgio StevanatoItaly - June 2018
BETANET Workshop0Giuseppe MandolinoItaly - June 2018self-funded
BETANET Workshop0Chiara BroccanelloItaly - June 2018self-funded
ECPGR Networking3Ferdinando BrancaSlovenia - October 2017
ECPGR Networking3Daniela GiovanniniSlovenia - October 2017
ECPGR Networking3Maria Raffaella ErcolanoSlovenia - October 2017
ECPGR Networking0Flavio Roberto De SalvadorSlovenia - October 2017ExCo
ECPGR Networking0Petra EngelSlovenia - October 2017
ECPGR Networking3Gert Poulsen (obh Valeria Negri)Slovenia - October 2017
GrapeOnFarm meeting2Massimo GardimanGermany - October 2017
TRISECA meeting3Agata RascioPoland - October 2017
EURISCO NFP regional training workshop3Maria Antonietta PalombiGermany - September 2017
MAPEUROCOLLECTION meeting3Pietro FusaniPortugal - April 2017
Pomefruit C&E meeting2Mauro BergamaschiBelgium - April 2017
SMARTLEG meeting0Roberto PapaSlovenia - April 2017self-funded
Joint workshop of the ForageDataAccess and Barley C&E Data Activities2Alessandro TondelliSweden - March 2017
LINKAGES Assessing linkages between genebanks and direct users - planning meeting1Riccardo BocciItaly - January 2017
14th (Mid-term) Steering Committee meeting0Flavio Roberto De SalvadorBosnia and Herzegovina - May 2016
14th (Mid-term) Steering Committee meeting0Petra EngelBosnia and Herzegovina - May 2016Observer
Triticum in AEGIS: Identification and Documentation (TRAID)2Patrizia VaccinoEstonia - September 2015
EURISCO NFP regional training workshop for Southeast Europe3Maria Antonietta PalombiAlbania - May 2015
Identification of a representative set of Prunus domestica accessions of European origin (PRUNDOC) - Technical Meeting 1Daniela GiovanniniBelgium - April 2015
Prunus Alignment1Daniela GiovanniniGreece -
Prunus Alignment1Gabriella Sonnante On Behalf of Giovanni Giuseppe VendraminGreece -