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ECPGR Task Force Meeting

Meeting of the ECPGR Task Force on Operational Structure

The meeting took place at Bioversity Headquarters on 9-11 May 2012.

Participants in the meeting:

Unable to attend: Gordana Ðuriċ (Bosnia and Herzegovina)



Background documents

ECPGR Operational Structure

 Extracts from report of external evaluation review and from Secretariat overview  [1] (66 KB)

 Views and ideas  [2] (123 KB) (with inputs and comments from ECPGR Secretariat)

Examples from Animal and Forest Networks:

Review of historical changes in ECPGR Structure

 Article "The ECPGR, and example of cooperation for crop genetic resources in Europe"  [5] (265 KB) by L. Maggioni in Zschortau Report, 1-10 October 2002, Zschortau, Germany


 Reponses from Working Groups and Networks [update 7 May]  [6] (262 KB)

 ppt presentation [L.Maggioni]  [7] (212 KB)

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Executive Committee  [8]

Steering Committee  [9]

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