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ECPGR Country quota during Phase IX

"Quota used” refers to meetings that have already taken place and does not include planned meetings.

Albania  [2]133170-1
Austria  [3]25010015
Azerbaijan  [4]130409
Belarus  [5]1601204
Belgium*  [6]2707020
Bosnia and Herzegovina*  [7]1301201
Bulgaria  [8]1652001
Croatia  [9]2001730
Cyprus  [10]160907
Czech Republic  [11]230250-2
Denmark  [12]2401122
Estonia  [13]160745
Finland  [14]2401437
France  [15]41027311
FYR Macedonia*  [16]130508
Germany  [17]48025617
Greece  [18]2401239
Hungary  [19]23010112
Iceland  [20]1600016
Ireland  [21]2403318
Italy  [22]4103452
Latvia  [23]160144-2
Lithuania  [24]2001433
Montenegro  [25]1301003
Netherlands  [26]29016310
Norway  [27]2501348
Poland*  [28]2505020
Portugal  [29]2432331
Romania  [30]220250-3
Serbia  [31]1621710
Slovakia  [32]2201705
Slovenia  [33]2001406
Spain  [34]3106025
Sweden  [35]2701566
Switzerland  [36]2709018
Turkey  [37]2407017
United Kingdom  [38]4103470
ExCo4713  34
*Country has not yet signed the membership LoA for Phase IX

ECPGR country quota during Phase VIII

The country quotas for participation in Crop Working Group meetings during Phase VIII were defined by the Steering Committee during its 11th meeting. Each country was assigned a quota of funded participants to attend Working Group meetings organized by ECPGR during the entire Phase VIII.

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