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Country quota details


Back to Country Quota Phase IX  [1]
Total quota available during phase IX: 24
Total quota donated by ExCo: 0
Total quota used: 1
Total quota booked: 1
Total remaining quota: 22

Joint workshop of the ForageDataAccess and Barley C&E Data Activities  [2]1Ahmed JahoorSweden - March 2017
14th (Mid-term) Steering Committee meeting  [3]0Birgitte LundBosnia and Herzegovina - May 2016
Identification and updating of C&E data in EBDB of AEGIS Hordeum (HordEva)  [4]0Ahmed JahoorSweden - November 2015self-funded
Prunus Alignment  [5]1Torben Bo Toldam-AndersenGreece -

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