Project reports Phase VIII (2009-2013)

Reports of activities carried out in ECPGR during Phase VIII (2009-2013)

You can find the reports of activities and projects carried out during Phase VIII under the relevant crop-specific or thematic categories below.

TitlePartner(s)FundingReportDate (start)Date (end)
Cryopreservation of young inflorescence bases activities in bolting garlic for germplasm storageLeibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, IPK, GermanyAEGIS Grant Scheme Final report (608 KB)Apr 2010Dec 2010
TitlePartner(s)FundingReportDate (start)Date (end)
Surveying and collecting Avena wild species in SicilyUniversita di Catania, ItalyECPGR Final report (326 KB)May 2010May 2010
TitlePartner(s)FundingReportDate (start)Date (end)
Brassica selection criteria for the identification of the Most Appropriate Accessions (MAAs):  relate to the Brassica oleracea of Iberian CollectionInstituto Nacion de Recursos Biologicos, PortugalAEGIS Grant Scheme Final report (549 KB)May 2011May 2012
Bio-morphological and genetic characterization of the Brassica Working Group CollectionIAS-CSIS, Spain
DISPA, Italy

 Final report CSIS (240 KB)

 Final report DISPA (431 KB)

June 2012

Dec 2011

Dec 2013

June 2013

Identification and description of unknown Brassica rapa L. accessions kept in European Genebanks (in Bras-EDB) for the management of Brassica genetic resourcesVIR, Russian FederationECPGR Final report (200 KB)Dec 2011Oct 2012
TitlePartner(s)FundingReportDate (start)Date (end)
Improving the prerequisites for a European rye collection NordGen, SwedenAEGIS Grant Scheme Final report (197 KB)Oct 2011Oct 2012
TitlePartner(s)FundingReportDate (start)Date (end)
Establishment of the European Forages Collection MTT AgriFood Research, FinlandAEGIS Grant Scheme

 Report of the ECPGR-AEGIS Forages, second Workshop (2013) (5.6 MB)

 Report of the ECPGR-AEGIS Forages, first Workshop (2012) (603 KB)

Jan 2013May 2013
TitlePartner(s)FundingReportDate (start)Date (end)
Towards comprehensive pea germplasm management for future useAgritec Plant Research s.r.o, Czech RepublicAEGIS Grant Scheme Final report (1.2 MB)April 2010April 2011
TitlePartner(s)FundingReportDate (start)Date (end)
Conservation and characterization of oregano (Origanum vulgare L.) wild populations in EuropeUniversity of Veterinary Medicine, AustriaECPGR Final report (889 KB)June 2010April 2011
TitlePartner(s)FundingReportDate (start)Date (end)
Identification of old potato clones having unreliable variety name by means of fingerprinting using microsatellite (SSR) markers to assist in setting up the AEGIS collection for potato cultivarsCGN, The NetherlandsAEGIS Grant Scheme Final report (386 KB)June 2011June 2012
TitlePartner(s)FundingReportData (start)Data (end)
Prunus and Pyrus central crop databasesINRA, FranceECPGR Final report (144 KB)Sept 2010Oct 2010
TitlePartner(s)FundingDate (start)Date (end)
Umbellifer wild relatives project

 Collecting Umbellifer Crops' Wild Relatives in Albania (633 KB)Sokrat Jani, Agricultural Technology Transfer Center (ATTC), Lushnje, AlbaniaECPGRMay 2013November 2013
Review and characterization of Umbellifer wild relatives accessions in collections [to come]Pavel Kopecky, Crop Research Institute (CRI), Czech RepublicECPGRJune 2013November 2013
Flow cytometry as a tool to quickly check for major taxonomic inaccuracies in collections [to come]Charlotte Allender, Warwick Genetic Resources Unit, University of Warwick, United KingdomECPGRJuly 2013November 2013
 Characterization of Nordic region wild carrot  (405 KB)Svein Solberg, Nordic Genetic Resource Center (NordGen), Alnarp, SwedenECPGRJune 2013November 2013
Taxonomical characterization of carrot wild relatives [to come]

E. Geoffriau and S. Huet, Agrocampus Ouest, IRHS, Angers, France; J.P. Reduron, Via Apia, Mulhouse, France

ECPGRJuly 2013November 2013
 Evaluation of carrot wild relatives as resistance sources to Alternaria spp.  (70 KB)Thomas Nothnagel, Holger Budahn and Reiner Krämer, Julius Kühn-Institute (JKI), GermanyECPGRJuly 2013November 2013
AEGIS Grant Scheme

Assessment of unique material in the European Collection of Umbellifer Crops.  Final report (69 KB)University of Warwick, United KingdomAEGIS Grant SchemeApril 2010April 2011
TitlePartner(s)FundingReportDate (start)Date (end)
Creation of a logbook for the European Vitis databaseJulius Kühn Institute (JKI), GermanyECPGR Final report (303 KB)March 2013May 2013
TitlePartner(s)FundingReportDate (start)Date (end)
Regeneration and Safety Duplication of Regionally Prioritized Crop Collections (Chickpea, common bean, cow pea, faba bean, grass pea, Lathyrus, lentil, Aegilops, barley, maize, sorghum, wheat)Global Crop Diversity Trust and 12 sub-partnersGlobal Crop Diversity Trust

Final report

 Section 1  (159 KB)
 Section 2 [heavy file]
 (8.1 MB)
March 2009March 2011
TitlePartner(s)FundingReportDate (start)Date (end)
PGR Duplicate Finder, a software package to assist in the identification of putative duplicates in germplasm databasesCentre for Genetic Resources, The Netherlands (CGN)AEGIS Grant Scheme

 Final report  (106 KB)

Link to "Duplicate Finder"

June 2011June 2012