Forage and Barley Workshop

Joint workshop of the ForageDataAccess and Barley C&E Data Activities, 14-16 March 2017, Malmö, Sweden


The presentations given during the workshop are listed in the table below. Click on the title of the presentation to display the relevant presentation.
Disclaimer: These texts and presentations have not been edited and are being published as originally received from the authors.

Day 1

 Welcome to the meeting (1.4 MB)Anna Palmé and Jan Svensson
 Welcome to Malmö (7.1 MB)Roland von Bothmer
 Introduction to the project "Forage Data Access" (1.0 MB)Anna Palmé
 Information and updates from ECPGR and vision of the future for AEGIS                                                                                                                              
 (2.5 MB)
Eva Thörn
 A priority descriptor list for forages  
 (879 KB)
Evelin Willner
 Gaps in EURISCO compared to the ECCDBs (419 KB)Stephan Weise
 What can a C&E module in EURISCO give us? (1.7 MB)Stephan Weise

Day 2

 General progress on the European Forage Collection (EFC) and results from the questionnaire (1.7 MB)Petter Marum
 Biological Resource Center Forage and Turf Species (1.8 MB)Aurelia Priet
 Why are not more forage accessions in the EFC (AEGIS)? The Austrian perspective (454 KB)Wilhelm Graiss
 Error and duplicate identification in forage accessions in EURISCO (3.1 MB)Ian D. Thomas
 Work plan for the ECPGR WG on Forages (2015 – 2018) – progress and future plans (1.5 MB)Anna Palmé

Day 3

 Conservation of regional plant genetics from semi-natural grassland (G-Zert)                             
 (9.1 MB)
Wilhelm Graiss
 Genomic selection of agronomic important traits in spring Barley (1.2 MB)Ahmed Jahoor
 GBIF data portal (40.2 MB)Dag Endresen
 European Crop Portal for Forages (1009 KB)Ian D. Thomas
 A European Crop Portal for Barley (109 KB)Jan Svensson