Presentations and additional reports


All presentations given during the meeting are listed in the table below. Click on the title of the presentation to display the relevant presentation.

Disclaimer: These texts and presentations have not been edited and are being published as originally received from the authors.

 ECPGR and EURISCO - Phase IX (619 KB)Lorenzo Maggioni
 EURISCO: present and future (849 KB)Stephan Weise
 The Process for the Development of the Vision Paper on the Global Information System (755 KB)Francisco Lopez (International Treaty)
 GeneSys - Conserving crop diversity forever (2.0 MB)Matija Obreza
 EURISCO as a support tool for AEGIS (527 KB)Jan Engels
 Data exchange: the Darwin core and other approaches (3.2 MB)Dag Terje Endresen
 C&E data: the EURISCO standard (181 KB)Jonas Nordling
 GRIN-Global - the solution for PGR Documentation (1.0 MB)Iva Faberová
 Central Crop Databases: status at the beginning of
 (900 KB)
Elinor Lipman
 EURISCO and CCDBs - coverage and overlap (301 KB)Theo van Hintum
 The ECPGR Cucurbits Database, ECCUDB (1.6 MB)María José Díez Niclos
 Example and challenges of managing the Pyrus Data Base (1.3 MB)Marc Lateur
 PGR portals - give the user what the user needs (699 KB)Frank Menting & Theo van Hintum
 Linking ex situ, on-farm and in situ PGRFA documentation in EURISCO – a case from Germany (1.3 MB)Frank Begemann
 European genebanks in the genomics era (559 KB)Theo van Hintum

Additional reports