Fifth meeting of the ECPGR Grain Legumes Working Group

Presentations given during the meeting and corresponding summaries are listed in the table below.
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Disclaimer: These texts and presentations have not been edited and are being published as originally received from the authors.
Presentation [PDF]Author
 Opening address (45 KB)M. Ambrose
 ECPGR towards Phase IX (728 KB)L. Maggioni
 Chair's report (40 KB)M. Ambrose
 AEGIS update / AEGIS Quality System (AQUAS) (586 KB)L. Maggioni
 FAO Genebank Standards (880 KB)S. Kratovalieva
Central Crop Databases progress reviews
 Lens (244 KB)(L. Aykas) introduced by E. Karagul
 Lupinus (2.1 MB)W. Święcicki
 Phaseolus (652 KB)W. Kainz
 Pisum (45 KB)M. Ambrose
 Vicia Faba (406 KB)G. Duc
 Central Crop Databases and EURISCO (330 KB)L. Maggioni
National Collections
 Bulgaria (2.7 MB)S. Petrova
 Czech Republic (1.5 MB)M. Hochman
 Estonia (119 KB)K. Annamaa
 Finland (185 KB)H. Känkänen
 France (836 KB)G. Duc
 Israel (1.3 MB)R. Hovav
 Macedonia FYR (1.3 MB)S. Kratovalieva
 Nordic Countries (296 KB)G. Poulsen
 Poland (39 KB)W. Święcicki
 Romania (98 KB)C. Brezeanu
 Slovenia (629 KB)V. Meglić
 Spain (505 KB)M. Perez de la Vega
 Turkey (2.9 MB)E. Tugay Karagül
 Ukraine (3.1 MB)V. Kirian
 The Ukrainan grain legume genetic resources collection [paper] (108 KB)V. Kirian and L. Kobyzeva
Inter-regional Cooperation
 Global Crop Diversity Trust -update (148 KB)M. Ambrose
Joint projects
 Which criteria to evaluate value of accessions for ecosystem? (debate) (408 KB)G. Duc and D. Millot
 Use of grain legume genetic resources for cropping system diversification (229 KB)G. Carlsson

 WG on Grain Legumes proposed new operational structure (33 KB)

M. Ambrose

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