Efficient management of resources for smart legumes utilization

Activity Coordinator: Vladimir Meglič Email

The project "Efficient management of resources for smart legumes utilization (SMARTLEG)", submitted by the Grain Legumes Working Group for funding under the Third Call of the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme, was selected by the Executive Committee and approved in May 2016.

Approval of the proposal was confirmed in December 2016 after some adjustments requested by the ExCo in the budget and list of partners.


Self-pollination of P. coccineus

October 2017
Further to the meeting held in Ljubljana (April 2017), reference/standard varieties were identified and distributed among partners. Before sowing, morpho-numerical seed characterization was performed according to the Community Plant Variety Office-Technical Protocol (CPVO-TP) and Phaselieu/AIS descriptors for seed morphology.  During the growing season, each partner evaluated morphological characteristics in the field.
In addition, the strategy to obtain self-derived progeny from P. coccineus and DNA extraction method suited for genotyping by sequencing, was devised. For that purpose, all 140 accessions were planted in the greenhouse at AIS and self-pollinated by hand.
Since there are no SSRs specifically developed for P. coccineus, a set of 12 already proven and reliable cross-species amplified SSR markers were chosen.
All selected accessions from different geographic origins (from participating and self-funded partner collections), were evaluated using SSR molecular marker analysis to assess genetic background and genetic/molecular diversity.

April 2017
The SMARTLEG project meeting was held 25-26 April 2017 at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (AIS) in Ljubljana.

Twenty participants attended the meeting: five project partners, eight observers, six researchers from AIS and a representative from the Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Food (see list of participants below).
The coordinator of the SMARTLEG Activity, Vladimir Meglič welcomed the participants and presented the project outline. His presentation was followed by a presentation of the ECPGR Grain Legumes Working Group given by Creola Brezeanu, Chair of the WG. Roberto Papa, coordinator of the ERA-CAPS project Bean_Adapt gave an overview of the project and Barbara Pipan (AIS) presented the Slovene project ‘Utilization of common bean genetic resources for sustainable crop improvement and healthy food'. After the introductory presentations project members and other participants presented the state of the art of Phaseolus collections in their countries. 
On the second day the details of the SMARTLEG projects were discussed, i.e. planning of molecular analyses to be conducted at the genetic laboratory of AIS and morphological evaluations in the experimental fields of all project members’ countries. The methodology for morphological evaluations and the reference genotypes were agreed upon.

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