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 ECPGR Phase IX 2014-2018 (1.2 MB)C.Brezeanu; L.Maggioni
 ECPGR SMARTLEG: Efficient Management of Genetic Resources for Smart Legumes Utilization (436 KB)V.Meglič
 Collection of Phaseolus genetic resources in the Slovene Plant Gene Bank (1.3 MB)J.Šustar Vozlic
 State of the art on P. vulgaris and P. coccineus - Romanian National Collections (736 KB)C.Brezeanu
 State of the art on P. vulgaris and P. coccineus - SRB (Serbia)’s National Collections (4.3 MB)
M.Vasić; A.Savić
 State of the art on Phaseolus collection - BiH National Collection (1.5 MB)M.Antić 
 Preservation, protection and sustainable use of Phaseolus species in Croatia (3.5 MB)Z.Matotan
 Genetic resources of legumes in the region of river Bregalnica basin and other regions in Macedonia (2.4 MB)M.Jankulovska; S.Ivanovska
 Progress review: Phaseolus (1.8 MB)W.Kainz
 State of the art on Phaseolus vulgaris and P. coccineus in Slovak national collections (1.7 MB)P.Hauptvogel
 BEAN_ADAPT - Evolution in a changing environment: the genetic architecture of adaptation outside centers of domestication of Phaseolus vulgaris and P. coccineus (1.8 MB)R.Papa; R.Fernie; P.Gepts; A.Graner; S.A.Jackson
 Utilization of common bean genetic resources for sustainable crop improvement and healthy food (376 KB)B.Pipan



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