Assessing linkages between genebanks and direct users (LINKAGES)

Activity Coordinator: Riccardo Bocci  Email

The project "Assessing linkages between genebanks and direct users (LINKAGES)", submitted by the On-farm Conservation and Documentation and Information Working Groups for funding under the Activity Grant Scheme, was selected by the Executive Committee and approved in May 2016, with a few specific recommendations as indicated in the Letter of award. The list of partners participating in the final meeting will need to be revised in due time.


May 2017
Since the kick-off meeting in early January 2017, the LINKAGES project team has developed the two survey instruments which will be used for gathering information from ex situ and on farm communities respectively. The surveys ask each stakeholder group to describe their experience with requesting and distributing germplasm for direct use purposes; the ex situ survey will be circulated to European genebank curators through the intermediation of ECPGR National Coordinators, while the on-farm surveys will be translated in five languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish and German) and circulated to representatives of seed networks and/or farmer associations. Surveys will be launched during the summer and results analysed in the autumn.

January 2017
A small kick-off meeting was held on 12 January 2017 at Bioversity International, Maccarese, Italy. The purpose of the meeting was to start outlining the survey instruments that will be used in the project to assess the extent to which genebank materials are accessible to direct users such as on-farm conservation communities.