"Increasing the efficiency of conservation of wild grapevine genetic resources in Europe (InWiGrape)"

Presentations given at the meeting of the InWiGrape Project, 5 July 2016, Split, Croatia

All presentations given during the meeting are listed in the table below. Click on the title of the presentation to display the relevant presentation.
Disclaimer: These texts and presentations have not been edited and are being published as originally received from the authors.

 InWiGrape - The ECPGR context (676 KB)Lorenzo Maggioni
 Current status of Vitis Vinifera
Sylvestris in Albania
 (232 KB)
Frida Carka
 Current status of wild grape populations (Vitis
subsp. sylvestris) in Croatia
 (1.3 MB)
Goran Zdunić & Edi Maletić
 Wild vines of Cyprus (1.9 MB)Savvas Savvides
 Status of V. v. sylvestris in France (602 KB)Thierry Lacombe
 Current status of Vitis sylvestris genetic resources in Germany (1.9 MB)Erika Maul
 Current status of Vitis sylvestris genetic resources in Hungary (3.3 MB)Gizella Jahnke;Zóra Nagy
 Vitis sylvestris germplasm in Republic of Macedonia (480 KB)Klime Beleski
 Vitis vinifera ssp. sylvestris in Montenegro (497 KB)Vesna Maraš, Milena Mugoša, Vesna Kodzulivic, Jovana Raičević, Sanja Šućur
 Current status of Vitis sylvestris genetic
resources in Portugal
 (716 KB)
J. Eiras-Dias, João Brazão and Jorge Cunha
 Inventory of Vitis sylvestris natural population in Serbia (2.5 MB)Dragan Nikolić; Dragoslav Ivanišević
 Current status of Vitis sylvestris genetic resources in Spain (5.8 MB)Gregorio Muñoz Organero
 Vitis sylvestris in Italy: a few references (216 KB)Lorenzo Maggioni