Meeting of the ECPGR Task Force on Operational Structure

The meeting took place at Bioversity Headquarters on 9-11 May 2012.

Participants in the meeting:

  • Külli Annamaa (Estonia)
  • Bert Visser (Netherlands)
  • Lorenzo Maggioni (ECPGR Secretariat)
  • Jan Engels (ECPGR Secretariat)

Unable to attend: Gordana Ðuriċ (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Background documents

ECPGR Operational Structure

Extracts from report of external evaluation review and from Secretariat overview (65,5 KB)

Views and ideas (123,0 KB) (with inputs and comments from ECPGR Secretariat)

Examples from Animal and Forest Networks:

Review of historical changes in ECPGR Structure

Article "The ECPGR, and example of cooperation for crop genetic resources in Europe" (265,0 KB) by L. Maggioni in Zschortau Report, 1-10 October 2002, Zschortau, Germany


Reponses from Working Groups and Networks [update 7 May] (262,5 KB)

ppt presentation [L.Maggioni]

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