Ninth meeting of the ECPGR Executive Committee

The ninth meeting of the ECPGR Executive Committee took place 14-16 December 2016 at Bioversity International Headquarters, Maccarese, Italy

  • Summary of the meeting 

Progress on ECPGR objectives and other items dealt with by the Steering Committee (SC) during its 14th meeting were reviewed. In particular, slow progress of the European Collection, the establishment and recent convening of the EURISCO Advisory Committee, the progress of the “ECPGR on-farm concept” which was getting close to endorsement, and new resources contributed by Germany for a workshop on Private Public Partnerships were noted.
The financial situation of ECPGR was reviewed, noting that the current trend would allow the launching in June 2017 of a Fifth Call for proposals under the ECPGR Grant Scheme.
The proposals submitted under the Fourth Call were evaluated and five of them were approved for immediate funding, corresponding to a budget allocation of € 119 400.
Plans for the End-of-Phase SC meeting were started, with the definition of its approximate date (May 2018) and of the background documents to be prepared.
Warm thanks were extended to Jens Weibull, who completed his 4-year term as ExCo member (to be replaced by Külli Annamaa in January 2017) and to Jan Engels, who concluded his appointment as AEGIS Coordinator after providing an excellent contribution for several years.
Further details of the meeting are available from the Minutes.