Thirteenth meeting of the ECPGR Steering Committee

4-7 December 2012, Vienna, Austria

Presentations given during the meeting are listed in the table below.
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These presentations have not been edited and are being published as originally received from the authors.


Austrian initiatives and success stories

S. Bhatti
Update on the International Treaty and collaboration with ECPGR (74,3 KB)S. Bhatti
Report of the ExCo Chair (90,5 KB)G. Kleijer
ECPGR Phase VIII report (313,7 KB)L. Maggioni
ExCO Task Force Proposal (348,4 KB)B. Visser
Comments from the Secretariat (49,8 KB)L. Maggioni
ExCo synthesis and proposal (74,9 KB)J. Weibull
Objectives of ECPGR (669,2 KB)J. Weibull
Results of Tender for hosting ECPGR Secretariat/EURISCO (201,9 KB)A. Avagyan
Legal Status of ECPGR (124,7 KB)F. Latorre
Terms of Reference of ExCo and Executive Secretary (57,2 KB)F. Latorre
Terms of Reference ExCo Chair (21,3 KB)F. Latorre
Rules of procedures of ECPGR (65,9 KB)F. Latorre
Relationship with EU (111,8 KB)F. Latorre
Budget proposal Phase IX (847,0 KB)J. Weibull
EUCARPIA Conference 2013 (282,4 KB)M. Rasmussen

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