Genebank capacity building peer visits

A genebank "peer review" proof of concept was endorsed at the workshop "Assessing current practices and procedures to strengthen AEGIS" held 10-12 December 2018 in San Fernando de Henares, Madrid, Spain.

The concept consists of visiting and reviewing each other’s genebanks as a way of improving the quality in genebanks. After each visit a report is written with observations and recommendations.

The first cycle of mutual visits involving three genebanks took place early 2019.

The resulting reports are available below:

General report from reviewers (Theo van Hintum, María José Díez, José Vicente Valcárcel and Wieslaw Podyma)
Pilot: Genebank Peer Reviews – Observations and conclusions based on one cycle of three genebank peer reviews (102,5 KB)

Individual genebank reports

Report of the Peer Review of the COMAV Genebank (7-8 February 2019, Valencia, Spain) (102,5 KB)

Report of the Peer Review of the CGN Genebank (6-8 March 2019, Wageningen, The Netherlands) (103,7 KB)

Report of the Peer Review of the IHAR-PIB Genebank (16-17 April 2019, Radzików, Poland) (108,9 KB)


See also the news issued by the GenRes Bridge project: European genebanks start to review each other