First call

A total of 18 proposals were submitted as a response to the first Call of the AEGIS Competitive Grant Scheme. The evaluation was carried out by the AEGIS Advisory Committee, using the criteria that were established prior to the announcement of the Grant Scheme. Unfortunately, it has taken a bit longer than was foreseen to have come to the final decision.

Based on the assessment and carefully applying the selection criteria the Advisory Committee concluded that of the 14 eligible proposals only three proposals did comply with all the requirements, were of good quality and are expected to make a substantial contribution to the establishment and development of AEGIS. These proposals are:

Title of successful proposalProject proposalFinal report

Assessment of Unique Material in the European Collection of Umbellifer Crops, University of Warwick, United

PDF (270,8 KB)PDF (68,8 KB)

Towards comprehensive pea germplasm management for future use, Agritec Plant Research, Czech Republic

PDF (61,4 KB)PDF (1,3 MB)

Cryopreservation of young inflorescence bases in bolting garlic for germplasm storage, Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK), Germany

PDF (151,7 KB)PDF (607,6 KB)


Evaluation report of the first call (32,5 KB)

Considering the fact that these proposals only used part of the funds available it was decided by the AEGIS Advisory Committee to launch a second Call at the end of 2010. The increased experience with the management of the Grant as well as the fact that the Secretariat gained further experience with the development of the AEGIS elements, including the constraints encountered, should be used to orientate the topics of the 2nd Call to the areas that are of direct concern.

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