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New AEGIS accessions from Czech Republic

Czech Republic has flagged 295 accessions for the AEGIS European Collection

AEGIS Associate Members now have individual webpages

Each page provides general information, access to existing documents (operational genebank manual, peer review report), full list of AEGIS accessions …

Genebank capacity building peer visits

The genebanks of CGN, COMAV and IHAR-PIB participated in the ‘peer review’ proof of concept, recommended as part of the AEGIS Quality System.

AEGIS/AQUAS - New Operational genebank manual from Spain

COMAV finalized their Operational genebank manual

Assessing current practices and procedures to strengthen AEGIS

The report of the AEGIS Workshop is now available online

New AEGIS accessions from Italy

Italy contributed for the first time to the AEGIS European Collection with 8597 accessions

New AEGIS accessions from the Nordic Countries

The Nordic countries have flagged 1073 accessions for the AEGIS European Collection

New AEGIS accessions from Germany

Germany has flagged 12664 accessions for the AEGIS European Collection

Latest News