First meeting of the Working Group on Fibre Crops, June 2006, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Presentations given during the meeting and related papers are listed below.

These contributions have not been edited and are being published as originally received from the authors.


<media 8753 _blank>Czech flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) and hemp (Cannabis sativa) collections - data for country report</media>M. Pavelek
<media 8757 _blank>Status report on the German collections of flax and hemp</media>F. Höppner and H. Knüpffer
<media 8759 _blank>The National Cannabis Collection in Hungary</media>A. Simon
<media 8760 _blank>Hemp and flax germplasm collections at CRA-ISCI (Italy)</media>G. Mandolino, A. Carboni, F. Fontana, C. Maestrini and G. Fila
<media 8763 _blank>Latvian Flax Genetic Resources</media>D. Grauda, V. Stramkale, I. Rashal
<media 8765 _blank>A short account on the status of the collection of Linum usitatissimum L. in Lithuania</media>Z. Jankauskienė, K. Bačelis, B. Gelvonauskis
<media 8755 _blank>Current status of the Dutch hemp collection</media>

N. Basand M. Toonen

<media 8752 _blank>Collection of cannabis at INF (Poland)</media>P. Baraniecki and G. Mańkowska
<media 8767 _blank>Banco Português de Germoplasma Vegetal (BPGV), Portuguese Vegetal Germplasm Bank (PVGB)</media>M. Maria Tavares de Sousa
<media 8764 _blank>Adaptation of the information system for recording and evaluation of flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) genetic resources in the system genotypdata</media>Nozkova, J., Urbanovic, A., Brindza, J.
<media 8766 _blank>International Flax Database - status of the recent development</media>M. Pavelek
<media 8754 _blank>Czech hemp collection</media>M. Pavelek
<media 8758 _blank>The National Cannabis Collection in Hungary</media>A. Simon
<media 8761 _blank>The Flax collections in Italy</media>G. Mandolino
<media 8762 _blank>The Hemp collections in Italy</media>G. Mandolino
<media 8751 _blank>Collection of cannabis at INF (Poland)</media>P. Baraniecki, G. Mańkowska and L. Grabowska
<media 8768 _blank>Country report for Slovak Republic - National collection of Flax/Hemp genetic resources</media>J. Nozkova, D. Benedikova, O. Hornakova
<media 8664 _blank>ECPGR and EURISCO</media>L. Maggioni


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