EVA Carrot Project meeting 2020

EVA Carrot Project meeting, 11 May 2020 - virtual meeting

On 11 May 2020, the EVA Carrot network project partners met virtually to receive updates on current activities and discuss open questions and next steps for the project. The 14 participants were informed about activities at Julius-Kühn Institute, where partner Thomas Nothnagel and his team are performing disease assays under controlled conditions. Partners engaged in a general discussion on genotyping strategy, regeneration of accessions and the planning of field trials in 2020, which will mostly take place as planned despite the Covid-19 pandemic and related restrictions.
After a break, the network partners discussed in detail the proposed trial protocol, including experimental design and crop management. They selected traits of interest, which will be scored during the field trials, differentiating between characterization traits and evaluation traits. Partners agreed that characterization traits mainly comprise general descriptors and will be made available without embargo, while evaluation traits are of interest for breeding activities and will remain accessible only to project partners during a three-year embargo before becoming public.
Evaluators in the EVA Carrot network will be starting the evaluation of 60 carrot accessions and landraces from European genebanks in June 2020.

The EVA project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
for the period 2019-2022.