The First Call of the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme was launched 15 February 2019 with deadline 26 May 2019.  Out of the three proposals submitted, the ExCo selected two proposals, from the Vitis and Wild Species Conservation in Genetic Reserves Working Groups, and requested a number of clarifications before accepting the third proposal, from the Brassica WG.

Table of successful proposals

  AcronymWorking Group(s)Activity CoordinatorDate of approvalProposalBudget tableBudget in EuroLetter of award
1 AEG-VIT-ISVitisGregorio Muñoz Organero3 July 2019PDF rev (337,5 KB)PDFrev (280,5 KB)€ 12,000PDF (174,4 KB)
2 Inclusion of CWR sites in European in situ networkWild Species Conservation in Genetic ReservesJuozas Labokas3 July 2019PDF rev (439,4 KB)PDF (292,5 KB)€ 15,000PDF (95,9 KB)
      Total € 27,000