The ECPGR Minor Forage legumes Database



Institute for Agrobotany
Külsömezö 15, 2766,  Tápiószele, Hungary
Tel: ++(36-53) 380070/071; Fax: ++(36-53) 380072

Database manager: Mr Lajos Horváth

The European Database for Minor Forage Legumes is developed by the Research Centre for Agrobiodiversity, Tápiószele, Hungary. This database contains the passport data of 18 746 accessions, belonging to 1070 species of the 37 genera which are not included in other European Forage legumes databases, and can also be taken into account as existing or possible forages. The structure of the database follows the suggested FAO/IPGRI Multi-Crop Passport Descriptors list and it is prepared from the EURISCO data. At present the European Minor Forage Legumes Database is not searchable online, but we are working at developing this. For further information about the development of the Minor Forage Legumes database, please contact the database manager.

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