The ECPGR Perennial Medicago Database


CRG INRA de Lusignan
8600 - Lusignan
Tel.: (33) 5 49556027; Fax: (33) 5 49556044

Database manager: Aurelia Boutet

The European Perennial Medicago Database is maintained by the Centre de Ressources Génétiques, Institut National de la Recherche Agronimque (CRG INRA) in Lusignan, which holds the national forage and turf collection in France. The Perennial Medicago Database contains passport data on 7928 accessions of 29 taxa (7734 accessions for Medicago sativa) stored in 42 European genebanks. The whole database includes: cultivars and breeder's lines (5123), primitive cultivars and landraces (1798), natural and semi-natural ecotypes (792) and accessions of unrecorded status (215).

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