The ECPGR Trifolium subterraneum Database

Centro de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnológicas de Extremadura (CICYTEX)
Instituto de Investigaciones Agrarias Finca 'La Orden - Valdesequera',
Carratera N-V km 374
06008 Guadajira, Badajoz, Spain
Tel.:. ++(34) 924 014 136; Fax: ++(34) 924 014001

Database manager: Francisco Antonio Galea Gragera

The European Trifolium subterraneum Database was established in 1985, following the first meeting of the ECPGR Forages Working Group, in Larissa, Greece in 1984. This database is maintained by Centro de Investigación Cientificas y Technologicas de Extremadura (CICYTEX), Instituto de investigaciones Agrarias Finca "La Orden-Valdesequera” (Badajoz, Spain), and contains passport data of 5052 accessions representing the Trifolium subterreaneum collections from 16 European contributors. The structure of the database follows the principle of the FAO/IPGRI Multi-crop Passport Descriptor list. The database includes cultivars and breeder's lines (2081), advanced/improved cultivars (95), natural and seminatural ecotypes (2650). Seed requests should be sent directly to the holding institutes.


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