New AEGIS accessions from Italy

New AEGIS accessions added by Italy: 7521 grain legumes, wheat, barley and berries accessions

EVA Lettuce network identifies promising mildew resistant wild lettuce accessions

The ECPGR European Evaluation networks (EVA) generate interesting results as successful public-private partnerships

GenRes Bridge workshop on Phytosanitary barriers for genetic resources

The report of the workshop is now available online 

ECPGR Video: ‘Saving European plant and food diversity: together, we are stronger!’

A 4 min. ECPGR Video ‘Saving European plant and food diversity: together, we are stronger!’,  tells a story about apples diversity, with a happy…

AEGIS/AQUAS - New Operational genebank manual from Germany

JKI Geilweilerhof, Siebeldingen finalized their Operational genebank manual

Genetic diversity of pear germplasm in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as revealed by SSR markers

Partners of the Pomefruit C&E Activity published an article in the journal Zemdirbyste-Agriculture

New AEGIS accessions from Portugal

New AEGIS accessions added for the first time by Portugal: 86 medicinal and aromatic plant accessions