Phase X of ECPGR launched

The 15th (End-of-Phase) meeting of the ECPGR Steering Committee was held 15-17 May 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece

Stakeholder survey launched by the Farmer's Pride project

Farmer's Pride is an EU-funded project involving members of ECPGR

EURISCO update

New C&E data and first inclusion of DOIs

Annual report 2017

The annual progress report for the fourth year of Phase IX of ECPGR is now available online.

New AEGIS accessions from Switzerland

Switzerland has flagged 772 accessions for the AEGIS European Collection. The total number of European Accessions is now 34 334....

Latest contributions to the European Collection

Since December 2017, several countries contributed to the AEGIS European Collection: Bosnia and Herzegovina (new country joining in February 2018 with…

Meeting of the BETANET Activity, 19-20 June 2018, Venice, Italy

This meeting offers the opportunity to different stakeholders to collaborate and exchange opinions regarding the conservation, evaluation and…