Comparative analysis between EURISCO, WIEWS and ECCDBs

The results of the research work on "Comparative analysis between EURISCO and WIEWS and ECCDBs" are available ....

European Rye Collection

The AEGIS supported project ‘Improving the prerequisites for a European rye collection’ has been concluded...

EUCARPIA Genetic Resources section meeting

"Pre-breeding - fishing in the genepool"

Log book for the European Vitis Database

The ECPGR Fruit Network supported the creation of a log book for the European Vitis Database ..

Establishment of three ECPGR Task Forces

Following the recommendations made by the ECPGR Steering Committee during their last meeting in Vienna in December 2012, the following task forces…

Genebank Standards for Plant Genetic Resources - a major accomplishment

New international standards to help genebanks worldwide conserve plant diversity in a more efficient and cost-effective manner were endorsed on…

The European Collection is growing!

Following the recent offer of accessions to AEGIS by Germany and The Netherlands, the Working Groups have endorsed inclusion of 11,524 accessions…

ECPGR Annual Report 2012

The technical progress report for ECPGR is now available online

Latest report

Report of the fourth meeting of the ECPGR Malus/Pyrus Working Group

Latest publications

Report of a Working Group on Vitis and Report of a Working Group on Beta and the World Beta Network