Descriptors for tree tomato

Descriptors for tree tomato (Solanum betaceum Cav.) and wild relatives were published by Bioversity International.....

13th ECPGR Steering Committee meeting

The 13th meeting of the ECPGR Steering Committee took place on 4-7 December 2012 in Vienna, Austria

COST Action FA1104

“Sustainable production of high-quality cherries for the European market”

Beta Short News

Beta Short News December 2012 has been released, with progress on the Working Group on Beta and the World Beta Network

New issue of the SOL Newsletter (October 2012)

Of particular interest in this issue, a paper titled “Towards a better interaction between European Solanaceae germplasm holders and Solanaceae Omics…

Request for Tenders

Request for tenders proposing hosting arrangements for the ECPGR Secretariat/EURISCO.....

Descriptors for the European Vitis Database

Descriptors for the European Vitis Database available in seven languages...

Establishment of the European forage collection "To age with AEGIS"

A report from the ECPGR/AEGIS workshop, 30 January - 3 February 2012, Research Centre for Agrobiodiversity, Hungary

PGR Duplicate Finder now on-line

"PGR Duplicate Finder" is a software package to assist in the identification of putative duplicates in germplasm databases....

New version of FAO/Bioversity International Multi-Crop Passport Descriptors [MCPD V.2]

Release of a new version of the list of Multi-Crop Passport Descriptors [MCPD V.2] by FAO/Bioversity International