Joint PGR Secure/ECPGR Workshop

Conservation strategies for European crop wild relative and landrace diversity, 7-9 September 2011, Palanga, Lithuania

Latest reports



The following reports are now on-line and can be downloaded:

Report of the tenth ECPGR Forages Working Group[download] (1,0 MB)

Report of the second…

ECPGR Progress Report 2010

ECPGR Phase VIII (2009-2013) annual report for 2010

previous reports

ECPGR Barley Working Group meeting

The seventh meeting of the ECPGR Barley Working Group took place on 10-12 May 2011 in Nicosia, Cyprus [more info]

Report of the Cereals Network meeting

The report of the second ECPGR Cereals Network Meeting, Foça, Turkey, 21-24 April 2008, is now on-line and can be downloaded [click here]

Launch of the new website

The new ECPGR Website was launched on 27 April 2011. Comments are welcome

General Guidelines for cucurbit species

The Working Group on Cucurbits finalized the “General guidelines for regeneration, processing and storage of cucurbit species”.