Private Public Partnerships Workshop

Private Public Partnerships Workshop

Workshop on increasing ECPGR knowledge and opportunities on

Private Public Partnerships for the use of

Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

ECPGR held a workshop in Bonn, Germany, 7-9 June 2017, during which examples of private public partnerships and cooperation between genebanks, public and private research institutes and breeders were presented.
48 participants from 18 European countries discussed how collaboration could be improved Europe-wide to increase the utilization of plant genetic resources in plant breeding. The workshop was supported by the German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) and financed by the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture.
Representatives of the private and public breeding sector discussed a proposal presented by BLE for cooperation at the European level for the evaluation of genetic resources. Both sectors recognized the advantages of a European- wide evaluation programme and the ECPGR Secretariat was asked to elaborate further steps for the creation of a permanent network.