Presentations given at the eight meeting of the ECPGR Allium Working Group, Skierniewice, Poland, 11-12 October 2022

All presentations given during the meeting are listed in the table below.

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Preservation of genetic resources of horticultural plants in InHort, Skierniewice, Poland (4,3 MB)  

Mirosław Sitarek

Information on the ECPGR Programme (4,4 MB)Lorenzo Maggioni
Report on the work of the Working Group over the past years (947,1 KB)Helena Stavělíková
Results of SafeAlliDiv project (522,2 KB)Liga Lepse
Reports on national Allium collections: 

1. Czech Republic (370,0 KB)

Helena Stavělíková
2. Estonia (5,7 MB)Priit Põldma
3. Finland (304,8 KB)Terhi Suojala-Ahlfors
4. Germany (5,8 MB)Manuela Nagel
5. Greece (280,0 KB)Catherine Margaret Cook
6. Italy (358,5 KB)Alessandro Natalini
7. Latvia (1,2 MB)Liga Lepse
8. The Netherlands (1,5 MB)Rik Lievers, Chris Kik
9. Norway (1,0 MB)Ingunn M. Vågen
10. Poland (2,1 MB)Mariusz Chojnowski
11. Portugal (8,4 MB)Isabel Gomes da Silva
12. Slovenia (384,6 KB)Jelka Šuštar Vozlič
13. Spain (483,6 KB)Marcelino de los Mozos Pascual
Cryopreservation - state of the art for vegetatively propagated Alliums (9,0 MB)Milos Faltus
Overview of the global Allium collections (1,8 MB)Chris Kik
The European Allium Database (status and perspectives) (3,2 MB)Manuela Nagel
Perspectives of Allium breeding (9,1 MB)Ľudovít Nedorost