Presentations given at the first meeting of the ECPGR Berries Working Group, 14-15 January 2020, Dresden, Germany

All presentations given during the meeting are listed in the table below.

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Disclaimer: These texts and presentations have not been edited and are being published as originally received from the authors.

N.B. Work in progress (missing presentations will be uploaded soon)

Julius Kühn-Institute, Dresden (704,7 KB)Henryk Flachowsky
ECPGR in Phase X (3,1 MB)Lorenzo Maggioni
Country presentations: 
1. Albania (2,0 MB)Alban Ibraliu
2. Denmark (3,8 MB)Torben Toldam-Andersen
3. Estonia (928,4 KB)Hedi Kaldmäe
4. Finland (890,3 KB)Saila Karhu
5. FranceBeatrice Denoyes
6. Germany (2,4 MB)Monika Hõfer
7. Greece (940,1 KB)Eleni Maloupa
8. Latvia (554,8 KB)Valda Laugale
9. Lithuania (1,1 MB)Audrius Sasnauska
10. Norway (372,9 KB)Dag Røen
11. PortugalPedro Brás de Oliveira
12. Romania (5,0 MB)Monica Sturzeanu
13. Slovenia (4,0 MB)Darinka Koron
14. Sweden (1,9 MB)Inger Hjalmarsson
15. Switzerland (830,8 KB)Claudio Niggli
16. Turkey (668,0 KB)Aysen Alay Vural - Havva Merve Yilmaz
17. United Kingdom (746,7 KB)Felicidad Fernández
ECPGR: the EVA Network (1,9 MB)Lorenzo Maggioni
Results of the GENBERRY project (1,4 MB)Béatrice Dénoyes
Results of the RIBESCO project (694,3 KB)Saila Karhu
Results of the EUBerry and GOODBERRY projects (983,9 KB)Béatrice Denoyes
EURISCO Database (1,2 MB)Stephan Weise
Future collaboration (979,1 KB)Monika Höfer