Promoting implementation of national and regional CWR conservation strategies

Activity Coordinator: Juozas Labokas email

The project on: "Promoting implementation of national and regional crop wild relative (CWR) conservation strategies through sharing of knowledge and experience to create an integrated European strategy for CWR conservation", submitted by the ECPGR Wild Species Conservation in Genetic Reserves Working Group for funding under the second Call of the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme, was selected by the Executive Committee in October 2015.

April 2017
The final Activity Report (383,6 KB) is now available.


A workshop titled “Plant genetic resources for food security and ecosystem services; planning and implementing national and regional conservation strategies” was held 19-22 September 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania, jointly with the Nordic project “Ecosystem services: Genetic resources and crop wild relatives in the Nordic countries”. The major objective of the joint workshop was to facilitate crop wild relative (CWR) conservation planning and development of CWR conservation strategies through elaboration of common approaches and views on most topical issues, such as:

  • Policy context (Nagoya Protocol, EU Biodiversity Strategy)
  • Basics in CWR conservation planning (prioritization of CWRs, climate change, standards for genetic reserve designation)
  • National and regional CWR conservation strategies (role of protected areas, ECPGR Concept for in situ conservation of CWRs in Europe, European CWR strategy, common Nordic conservation action plan)
  • Assessment of the current status of CWR conservation strategies based on Questionnaire data
  • Problems and solutions in national conservation planning/strategies
  • European governance structure for CWR conservation and use
  • Linking CWR conservation to use
  • Combining ex situ and in situ conservation
  • Nomination of CWR populations for inclusion in the European network of CWR in situ conservation reserves.

Over 45 participants from 20 countries attended the joint meeting.