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EURISCO Training Workshop

Agenda and expectations (136,0 KB)S.Weise
EURISCO catalogue - Status quo & planned developments (2,1 MB)S.Weise
Improvement of data quality (798,7 KB)M.Oppermann
Passport data and updates (1,6 MB)S.Weise
C&E data templates (985,9 KB)S.Weise
General discussion & conclusion (107,7 KB)S.Weise
Country National Inventories: development and status
Austria (1,4 MB)P.Freudenthaler
Croatia (603,6 KB)I.Rukavina
Greece (6,0 MB)P.Ralli
Ireland (2,2 MB)C.Mac Aodhain
Portugal (2,5 MB)M.Vaz
Serbia (1,3 MB)M.Savic Ivanov
Slovenia (6,1 MB)J.Šuštar Vozlič
Spain (3,1 MB) la Rosa
Turkey (5,0 MB)L.Gül Aykas

Meeting of the EURISCO Advisory Committee

Progress report EURISCO (754,0 KB)S. Weise
Phenotypic data in EURISCO (808,5 KB)S. Weise
EURISCO training activities (210,6 KB)S. Weise
New functions and planning (258,3 KB)S. Weise
EURISCO in the PGR documentation landscape (564,7 KB)T. van Hintum