AEGIS progress and improved access to data on European Forage PGR

Activity Coordinator: Anna Palmé Email

The project "ForageDataAccess", submitted by the Forages Working Group for funding under the Activity Grant Scheme, was selected by the Executive Committee and approved in April 2016.


June 2018
The Final Activity report is available

Summary of results:
One of the main goals of the project was to evaluate the reasons for the limited flagging of forage accessions as AEGIS. A questionnaire was sent out and the issue discussed at a workshop in 2017. It was made clear that the major reason is the lack of long-term funding for basic genebank tasks, such as regeneration. Today there are over 10 000 AEGIS forage accessions, 76% of which are from the German genebank. In addition, there are accessions from the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Estonia.
During the project, forage C&E data sets were used as test cases in the development of the C&E module in EURISCO, now available online. The test cases were then included in EURISCO.
The European Poa Database has been developed into a crop portal and is now publicly available. Both passport data and C&E data from EURISCO are displayed here and updates of the data are made automatically from EURISCO.

October 2017
Task leaders held a Skype meeting on 5 October to discuss progress and how to finalize the project.

March 2017
The joint workshop with the Barley C&E Data Activity took place 14-16 March 2017 in Malmö, Sweden.

The focus of the meeting was on the new C&E module in EURISCO, AEGIS progress, future plans for the WGs including discussions about the possibility of European Crop Portals for forages and barley. At the end of the workshop the meeting participants put together a list of recommendations regarding how to progress with AEGIS, C&E data in EURISCO, quality of the data presented in EURISCO and visibility of European genetic resources, C&E data, EURISCO and ECPGR.

October 2016
The task leaders held a Skype meeting to discuss project planning and the upcoming workshop, to be held jointly with the Barley C&E Data Activity partners in March 2017 in Malmö, Sweden.

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