Triticum in AEGIS: Identification and Documentation (TRAID)

Activity Coordinator: François Balfourier  Email

The project on “ Identification and update C&E data of AEGIS Triticum sp. accessions (TRAID)", submitted by the Wheat Working Group for funding under the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme, was selected by the Executive Committee in December 2014.

Latest news (February 2016)

The Final Activity Report and related data are now available:

Documentation status of the selected candidate accessions per country at the end of the project (Nov 2015):


Meeting of the TRAID Activity Partners, 16-17 September 2015, Tallinn, Estonia

The meeting, organized in collaboration with the Estonian Crop Research Institute (ECRI), Jõgeva, brought together 17 participants (12 ECPGR-funded and 5 self-funded).
The status of AEGIS candidate accessions selected per country members and the update of both passport and C&E data were presented by each partners. The meeting discussed the representativity of the full AEGIS wheat collection and studied carefully the possible gaps within passport and C&E data. The second day was dedicated to discussion about management of this AEGIS collection and the future agenda of the TRAID project until the end of 2015. Possible new activities of the Wheat Working Group were proposed and considered in order to prepare the future calls. Finally, the participants visited the baking lab of the Agricultural Research Center and the in vitro collection of the Estonian Crop Research Institute of Saku.

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