Presentations given at the workshop "Training on identification of botanical varieties in Triticum species",
17–19 September 2019, Piešťany, Slovakia

European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources - Phase X (916,6 KB)L. Maggioni
Introduction to the  project "Training on identification of botanical varieties in Triticum species" (1,1 MB)P. Hauptvogel
Current situation of Triticum classification in National Collections and related ongoing projects:
- Austria (699,6 KB)H. Grausgruber
- Belgium (340,0 KB)E. Escarnot
- Bulgaria (1,4 MB)G. Desheva
- Czech Republic (759,4 KB)Z. Nesvadba
- Estonia (1,7 MB)R. Koppel
- Greece (913,0 KB)R.Thanopoulos
- Italy (1,6 MB)A. Rascio
- Netherlands (468,3 KB)N. Bas
- Slovakia (2,0 MB)P. Hauptvogel
International Code of Nomentclature for algae, fungi and plants and its application in naming of vascular plants (1,1 MB)K. Marhold, Plant Science and Biodiversity Centre, Slovakia
On the taxonomy of wheat (2,0 MB)M. van Slageren, Kew, United Kingdom
Methods for the identification of bread wheat accessions in the VIR collection (2,2 MB)E. Zuev, VIR, Russian Federation
Use of molecular genetic methods in wheat taxonomy (1,3 MB)M. Švec, Comenius University, Slovakia