ECPGR Forages Working Group

Chair: Anna Palmé

Working Group activities and related events

Regeneration of genebank material of timothy in Lännäs in northern Sweden. (Photographer Linda Öhlund)

March 2017
Joint workshop of the ForageDataAccess and Barley C&E Data Activities, 14-16 March 2017, Malmö, Sweden [more info]

May 2016
The project on  "AEGIS progress and improved access to data on European Forage PGR (ForageDataAccess)" (237 KB), submitted by the Forages Working Group for funding under the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme, was selected by the Executive Committee.

February 2016

  • ECPGR WG for Forages towards 2020s (Forages 2020): the final Activity Report is now available online [here]
  • A new workplan was developed for Phase IX (see below, Working Group operative documents)

November 2015
The Forages2020 workshop took place 9-11 November 2015 in Alnarp, Sweden [more info]

December 2014
The project on “ ECPGR WG for Forages towards 2020s (Forages 2020) (106 KB)”, submitted by the Working Groups on Forages, Wild Species Conservation in genetic reserves and Documentation and Information for funding under the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme, was selected by the Executive Committee.

Some members of the Forages Working Group are involved in the project Grasslandscape - Bridging landscape genomics and quantitative genetics for a regional adaptation of European grasslands to climate change (ERA-NET Plus action “Climate Smart Agriculture: Adaptation of agricultural systems in Europe”)

A second workshop on the “Establishment of the European Forages Collection” took place at NordGen, Alnarp, Sweden, 9-11 April 2013 as part of the AEGIS Grant Scheme.  Final report of the workshop (5.6 MB)

Previous years [link to ECPGR archive]

Working Group operative documents

Forage plants in semi-natural meadows, Rhodopi mountains, Bulgaria (Photo: S.Angelova)

Background information

The Working Group on Forages was established in 1984 as one of the original six Working Groups developed during the first Phase of ECPGR.