The European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources (ECPGR) is a collaborative programme among most European countries aimed at ensuring the long-term conservation and facilitating the increased utilization of plant genetic resources in Europe

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Genetic Resources Issue 2

The second issue of the ECPGR managed journal Genetic Resources is now published

Genetic Resources Issue 1

The first issue of the new ECPGR managed journal Genetic Resources is now published

Annual Report 2019

The annual progress report for the first year of Phase X of ECPGR is now available online

European Genetic Resources Strategy

Virtual meetings held recently:

  • ECPGR ad hoc Steering Committee: 23 November 2020 [more info]
  • Stakeholders feedback workshop: 24-26 November 2020 [more info]

Genetic Resources Journal

Genetic Resources is an open access peer-reviewd journal serving the community of practitioners and stakeholders working with plants, animals and forest genetic resources


Our  vision
The widest plant diversity is preserved for sustainable agriculture,
food security and quality

Our mission
European Network to promote conservation, management and sustainable use
of plant genetic diversity


A European Genebank Integrated



European Search Catalogue
for Plant Genetic Resources



European Evaluation


GenRes Bridge

Genetic resources for a food-secure and forested Europe

GenRes Bridge aims to strengthen conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources by accelerating collaborative efforts and widening capacities in plant, forest and animal domains