Ferdinando Branca
Confirmed as Chair for Phase X in February 2019

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Working Group activities and related events

March 2019
The BRESOV project recently published a Position Paper introducing the project, its aim and objectives:
What do bean, broccoli and tomatoes have in common? (2,3 MB)

July 2018
European project BRESOV (“Breeding for Resilient, Efficient and Sustainable Organic Vegetable Production“)
The recently started European project BRESOV has set out to improve the competitiveness of three important vegetable crops (broccoli, snap bean and tomato) in an organic and sustainable environment. With a strong participation of stakeholders from the breeding and farming sector, the project aims to create a pipeline for crop improvement that will accelerate the production of high-quality organic seeds for breeders and farmers around the world. [more]
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November 2016
COllection, CHaracterization and EVAluation of wild and cultivated BRASsicas (COCHEVA BRAS): the final Activity Report is now available online [here]

December 2014
The project on “COllection, CHaracterization and EVAluation of wild and cutivated BRASsicas (COCHEVA BRAS)”, submitted by the Brassica Working Group for funding under the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme, was selected by the Executive Committee. [more info] 

May 2014
Conclusion of the ECPGR-funded project “Bio-morphological and genetic characterization of the Brassica Working Group collection”: Final report submitted by DISPA, University of Catania (431,1 KB)


November 2013
Finalisation of the “Glucosinolate analysis of a collection of European accessions of wild Brassica and Brassica rapa”, carried out at CSIC, Cordoba, Spain as part of the ECPGR-funded project “Bio-morphological and genetic characterization of the Brassica Working Group collection” [link to ECPGR archive]

June 2013
The EUCARPIA Genetic Resources section meeting "Pre-breeding - fishing in the gene pool" was held 11-13 June 2013 at NordGen, Alnarp, Sweden. Details are available from the meeting website. Many ECPGR members attended the meeting and several presentations referred to ECPGR. Two posters related to Brassica were presented [see here]

February 2013
Conclusion of the ECPGR-funded project “Identification of unknown Brassica rapa L.  accessions from European genebanks, carried out at VIR, St Petersburg, Russian Federation [link to ECPGR archive]

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Working Group operative documents

  • Working Group Chair’s report for Phase IX (prepared for the Fifteenth ECPGR Steering Committee Meeting) (see here) 

Background information

The formation of a Working Group on Brassica was decided in 1989 and the Group first met in 1991.

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