Long-term goal

Stakeholders in Europe collaboratively, rationally and effectively conserve ex situ and in situ plant genetic resources for food and agriculture (PGRFA), provide access and increase sustainable use.

Objectives for Phase XI (2024–2028)

In 2021, ECPGR published the Plant Genetic Resources Strategy for Europe, developed over three years in consultation with a wide range of experts and stakeholders in the context of the GenResBridge project.
During its 16th meeting in Sweden in June 2022, the ECPGR Steering Committee decided to match the objectives of Phase XI with the objectives of the Plant Genetic Resources Strategy for Europe, i.e.:

  1. Expanding in situ conservation of crop wild relatives and wild food plants
  2. Promoting the on-farm conservation and management of plant genetic resources 
  3. Consolidating and sustaining ex situ conservation
  4. Strengthening a comprehensive information system for plant genetic resources 
  5. Promoting sustainable use of plant genetic resources
  6. Developing a system to monitor European conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources

Priority actions to achieve these objectives are available in Annex 1 of the 17th Steering Committee Meeting Report (707,3 KB) 

Objectives for Phase X (2019–2023)

  1. To efficiently conserve and provide access to unique germplasm in Europe through AEGIS and the European Collection
  2. To provide passport and phenotypic information of actively conserved European PGRFA diversity ex situ and in situ through the EURISCO catalogue
  3. To improve in situ conservation and use of crop wild relatives
  4. To promote on-farm conservation and management of European PGRFA diversity
  5. To promote use of PGRFA

Details of outputs, activities, responsibilities, indicators and assumptions for the objectives are available in the Objectives of ECPGR for Phase X (2019-2023) (agreed at the 15th Steering Committee meeting, May 2018) (264,3 KB)