Maria Raffaella Ercolano
Confirmed as Chair for Phase X in March 2019

Working Group activities and related events

April 2015
The Cucurbits Working Group agreed on their crop-specific standards for orthodox seeds (see here)

April 2013
Ad hoc meeting of the Chairs, Vice-Chairs and Database Managers of the ECPGR Solanaceae and Cucurbits Working Groups, 11-12 April 2013, Valencia, Spain [report] (126,5 KB)

Previous years [link to ECPGR archive]

Working Group operative documents

Background information

In May 2000, in Vila Real, Portugal, the ECPGR Vegetables Network Coordinating Group recommended also extending collaborative activities to Solanaceae, Cucurbits and Leafy Vegetables and included these crops within the Network's mandate.
An Informal Cucurbits Working Group was formed to start collaboration on genetic resources of some Cucurbitaceae species, mainly cucumber, melons, watermelon, gourds, pumpkin, zucchini and other minor cultivated and wild Cucurbits. The proposal to establish a formal ECPGR Working Group on Cucurbits was approved by the ECPGR Steering Committee in October 2003.