Sixth Call for proposals under the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme (Phase X)

Call closed on 15 November 2022

23 August 2022

The Working Groups carry out Activities mandated by the Steering Committee (SC) or proposed by the Working Groups (WGs) and approved by the SC or by the Executive Committee (ExCo). Depending on funding availability, the Secretariat will regularly open calls for ECPGR-funded actions. The Sixth Call for Proposals of Phase X is now open to receive submissions. 

  • Expected budget for each Activity involving only one WG: € 30 000 per proposal
    (in case more WGs are involved, the budget can be increased) 


Proposed Activities should address elements of the Objectives of ECPGR for Phase X (2019-2023). (264,3 KB) but can also be inspired by the Objectives and targets of PGR Strategy for Europe and associated priorities for ECPGR Phase XI, as indicated in Annex 3 of the report of the 16th ECPGR Steering Committee meeting (272,6 KB). Proposals are expected to clearly highlight the impact that Activities can have on reaching specific ECPGR objectives and how these will be reached.


ECPGR Working Group members from eligible countries can be funded partners in the proposals. Other self-funded partners are also allowed to participate.

As at August 2022, the following countries are NOT eligible to receive ECPGR funds according to Rule of Procedure 1.7 (non-payment of ECPGR contributions for more than two years): Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Malta, Poland, Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Eligible expenditures

Eligible expenditures to carry out proposed Activities include staff costs, equipment, supplies, travel and meeting costs. Overheads are not eligible. There is no limitation whether these activities should be meetings or different actions and the country quota does not apply.

Activity Coordinator’s privilege

The Activity Coordinator will be assigned a fixed amount of the budget (10%) to cover the costs of coordination and preparation of the final Activity report.  

Preparation for proposal submission

Proposals can only be submitted by the Chairs of ECPGR WGs. However, any member of an ECPGR WG can be Activity Coordinator and submit proposals through the channel of his/her respective WG Chair. Activity Coordinators are invited to prepare proposals in close coordination with the respective Working Group Chair and keeping the rest of the WG well informed about their initiatives. Each proposal can involve more than one WG but will be only submitted by one agreed Chair. WG Chairs/Activity Coordinators should seek Expressions of Interest from WG members (see WG lists here) listed as participants in a proposed Activity. Expressions of Interest should indicate which contribution(s) are planned for the Activity and the level of commitment of each interested participant.

Steps for submission of proposals

  1. WG Chair promotes/seeks ideas for Activities from the WG
  2. WG Chair/Activity Coordinator invites WG members to sign Expressions of Interest (EoIs) to participate in specified Activities
  3. Based on received EoIs, WG Chair selects the participants for the proposed Activity (this might be done in consultation with Secretariat)
  4. WG Chair fills in the online Activity proposal form and the budget table (or delegates this to the agreed Activity Coordinator, if different from the Chair)
  5. In case several WGs are participating in the same proposal, the submitting WG Chair should seek the required endorsements (to be copied to the Secretariat) from each of the other relevant WG Chairs
  6. WG Chair uploads and submits the documents using the online application form.

Submission of proposals

The submission of the proposal must be done by the Working Group Chair by completing the online Proposal Application form (below) and attaching the following forms (to be prepared by Activity Coordinator and sent to WG Chair, if a different person):

Activity Proposal template
Activity_Proposal_6_Phase_X.docx (983 KB) DOWNLOAD
Budget table

Online Proposal Application form

Privacy notice

Please read the privacy notice

Evaluation of proposals

Proposals for Activities will be evaluated and selected by the ExCo, according to the following criteria:

1. The anticipated impact of the Activity Proposal on the effectiveness of the contribution to the implementation of the agreed ECPGR Objectives/outputs/activities) (see: ECPGR Objectives). The quality of the proposal and the likelihood of the Activity reaching the expected results.
 (Weighting of 45% with the following sub-criteria and weightings):

  • Relevance of the theme/problem to contribute to ECPGR objectives (15%);
  • Effectiveness of expected outputs for PGR conservation and use (15%);
  • Likelihood of activities to reach the expected outputs as such based on technical, human and financial resources mobilized for the proposal (15%) 

2. The applicability of the results to the entire European Region versus just a few countries or a single country.
 (Weighting of 15%)

3. The appropriateness, quality and diversity of the partnership submitting the Grant (i.e. countries; institutions; multi-sectoral – NGOs, public and private sector and/or others; gender).
 (Weighting of 15%)

4. Contributions (financial and/or in kind) of the applying Working Group(s) and the selected Activity members to the total cost of the Activity as well as the cost effectiveness of the Activity in advancing the implementation of the ECPGR Objectives.
(Weighting of 25%)

The Secretariat will verify the eligibility of each partner to receive ECPGR funding. Before granting the successful proposals, National Coordinators will be consulted for endorsement of the final list of participants in successful Activities, in particular from their respective country’s perspective. In case of objections by a NC, the ExCo will take final decisions regarding the list of participants.

Related Information

Helpdesk for the Activity Grant Scheme

Please note that the ECPGR Secretariat is readily available for informal consultation in case you have doubts about the appropriate scope, eligible expenditures or any other aspect of your proposed Activity before submission!